Tuesday, 28 February 2012


About a character:

Andrew is a fat and short guy. His age is 32 years. As a person he is romantic and sensitive. Andrew always wants to impress girls but, because of his personality he fails to impress them. He like to eat and drink with his friends. Important feature of his character is, he is a MIME artist. Even if he is off stage he always like to attract people through his mime moves. He has some puppy characteristic in him as example he gets excited very soon.


Andrew : Notices a girl and runs towards her to grab her attention. Suddenly find a imaginative glass between him and a girl character. Bangs on a glass. Gets pissed off and starts scratching on a glass, like a puppy. Thinks about overcoming that imaginative glass. Finds an idea ( bulb lights as a symbol of an idea ). Andrew turns off a bulb. (Idea is to walk downstairs and pass a imaginative glass.) Start stepping down until he cross a glass.

Camera(Girl) : Shows no interest in him.(Still)

Andrew : Jumps in front of a girl.

Camera(Girl) : Shocked (little shake of a camera).

Andrew : Took out a flower and smells it. With all his feelings, Andrew offer that flower to a girl.

Camera(Girl) : Refuses his flower. (Slight shack of a camera, saying no).

Andrew : Breaks his heart. Sad expression. Walks out of a frame.

Friday, 10 February 2012



This is a final output of presenter's clip. I really learned lot of things while animating. How should an acting come exactly on a time. Especially animating dialogue, character should react on a perfect time. Ed Hooks made very interesting point in his acting workshop, that a person reacts for some reason in a communication. In this clip, reaction of the characters where more important. I am really happy the way animation worked in this clip. I also worked on expression of the each characters minutely. It was important to give them right expression. Expression of the characters added humor in animation. Even after putting attractive poses in the blocking, the animation was looking dull. But the moment I added expressions, it started looking better.

A highlighting point in this clip is, I developed a procedure of the animation. Starting with the blocking, followed by secondary poses. After doing secondary poses, I added in-between poses. End of the procedure, I worked on the graph. Covering the graph may have take time but, animation was looking very promising after cleaning the graph. Lip-sync was done at the end of animation. Expression were added after words.

Lip-sync Final

Planning: Character is a fortune teller by her profession. Her name is Katy.Her want to convince a person but, to make him realize that, she is telling truth. She starts with a very calmly which at the end becomes aggressive. After listing to the audio, I felt that she is really angry about the opposite person, who disbelieve her opinion. It could have been a normal talk between two characters. But I was trying to give her motive behind her talk. A character fortune teller, who likes to make others believe what she is saying is going to happen in future. I watched movies for studding this characters.


This character is using her hands for gestures. Her hand are expressing every word of her. Anger is chosen to make other person believe what he is saying is correct. I wanted a same thought in my clip. Previously I planned this clip to get funny at the end but, it was not making justice to her character. I decided to keep her cruel and serious till the end.

Stage 1:

On this stage, I just want to see the silhouette of the character. Testing her features was the main motive. While setting the camera, I verified that the whole attention has to be on her face. She has to be on golden point of a camera frame. To justify her character she should have a strong body posture.

About the camera :

I am setting a moving camera for this clip. In this short there is no other character in the frame. Whole attention is going to be on Katy (name of the fortune teller). Zooming the camera was really working with the sound and mood. Giving attention to her facial movements was also important. Camera is still where it needed to be. When she is aggressive, a camera deliberately kept still. After she calm down, camera is again zoom out for keeping the moment going.

Acting reference:


I acted this on my own. While acting, this scene my main aim was to get mood and emphasize on a character's expressions. In this clip, I was clear the way I want character's body movements.

Brief of the story : Katy is a fortune teller. She is setting on a chair, and talking to a person. A person is a practical guy who do not believe her predictions. To make him think what she is predicting is right she becomes violent at one point. That is the moment where other person starts thinking about her predictions. Because Katy convinced him to think on her opinion, she started feeling like a winner. This whole conversation after a dialogue should get expressed by her facial expressions.

Stage 2:

I did started doing lip sync before animation. My focus was on lip sync in this clip.

Lip sync was new for me as, I never did it before. Reason behind choosing this clip was strong punches in the dialogue. In Disney, animation artist make a lip sync chart before animating them. The same procedure I followed before animating the actual lip sync, I created an excel sheet of this where I wrote all the pitching points of the dialogue. Accordingly I added lip sync to the character.

Animation here is under progress. There is less weight in character movements. I am putting some extra poses to define Kety's weight of the hands and head.

Stage 3:

In this short, I added weight in a character. I also worked on her expressions. Animating eye was a first attempt of mine. While animating blinks, I thought about her expressions and a scene requirements. Sometimes her eyes are open more wide, especially when she is angry. Added minute detail in her gestures. Worked on her figure animation also.

Maya render vesion:



According to suggestions I reduced spacing between two hands action. Previously there was a delay at the starting time of the character hand movements. I also made some changes in a camera. Final output is really satisfactory in comparison to my last animation work. Learned various things in this short as example, importance of the hold, strong poses, finger animation, eye expression and animation.

Thursday, 2 February 2012