Monday, 30 April 2012

11 sec club


Step 2:

I wanted to work more on key poses and timing. In this act both characters were having contrast characteristics. Maintaining that in animation was very important. I wanted to achieve an effect of contrast characteristic in very early stage of an animation. I gave details to blocking poses for example character fingers, eye lids,chair animation, paper placements. This helped me in getting a overview of my final output.

Step 3:

In this stage of an animation is on a step mode. I put attention on accurate  actions, clear look at of eyes, more detailed secondary poses. Previous animation clip of my work was a different style. It required almost frame by frame animation. In current animation clip most important thing is to achieve arcs in body gesture. A boss character in this animation has a style and attitude. I want to maintain that throughout my animation. Second character is a poor employee. She has to look underestimated. It is very important to achieve correct feel of a scene.

Step 4:

This is stage where I am more confident about my timing and staging. I clearly gave very dominate poses to a Boss's character. That emphasis on her behavior towards her employees. Other character is detailed by expressions, she don't have much dialogues in this animation clip, yet she is a very important according to a story.  All her serious expressions helps to gain audience sympathy. I added some definite holds where I wanted to dominate the silence of the scene. Because of my tutors guidance, I changed last cut of the scene. Now scene is looking more focused on emotions. Now animation is looking more relax and believable. 

Final Output:

Play blast:

Final Render:

I am satisfied with my final output. Now I feel more confident while doing animation. I started to understand small details of human body and timing of it. My sketches were also a reason of my detailed animation. While doing sketches, I noticed many human actions and purpose behind them.I tried to animate some actions which where less seen in 3D animation. As example a simple finger movement of hand while character says ,"time". Because of technical difficulty, final render output was not matching with voice.I managed to match voice again in my rendered output although, if there is any lag please consider my play blast of a Maya.

This is a better quality renders. Because of lack of time, I could not produced high quality renders. 
All your suggestions and critics are welcome.

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