Saturday, 28 April 2012

About Mime

There are so many things to talk about a mime. Mime is not only a performance to entertain people. It is hard to do mime in live performance. Convey all your ideas and emotion without using any visible object. Just by using body gestures a mime artist portray whole story with emotions. Every move of mime artist's action is exaggerated. In real life of in normal acting field actor do not portray this character as mime artist dose. It is hard to do mime, audience has to understand what a artist is doing. Mime is challenging. Artist has to show clear gestures without having any help. Interesting part of mime is over the top expressions and body moments. A simple action has be convey in a more define manner.
Mime is an art of silence. A famous mime artist Marcel Marceau spread this talent to all over the world. Some of this popular performances are still been remembered as a mark of excellence.

Style of mime had keep on changing by the period of time. Many new artist has shown their mime talent in different ways. Use of technology has  also been part of mime.

In my mime act I am going to try a different style. Compare to live action mime it is slightly easy to achieve illusion of mime in an animation. If a action consider a prop, we can animate the prop and hide it later on which will give us effect of a mime.

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